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Improve your throughput in data crunching and management reporting processes by sending your staff to our training programs. You get real solutions to current challenges at work in addition to developing your staff skills. You also have the option of retaining our expertise in addressing any data crunching challenges experienced in your organisation.

Enhance your management report production workflow processes in the business through automation of various mundane tasks performed by staff. We help you identify report production processes that are too dependant on specific staff and automate them. You not only reduce on staff overtime costs, but you also improve on report production efficiency.

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Enhance your management reports by using one central database that contains data extracted from the various business systems used in your operations and data sourced from external parties. We partner with you to design data extraction, transformation and loading processes that make it easy for you to load data into your central database for management reporting.

Strathmore’s @iLabAfrica and Sun­esis LTD to offer Dash­board in Excel Training (Don't Miss!)
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Mentorship program intended for corporates who want to make an on-going commitment to improving their Excel skills, productivity and efficiency.

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